Caption Contest: Opel Corsa Southfield MI Edition

03/20/2009   [Original: Autoblog]
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Forlorn Opel Corsa 1.7 CDTI in Southfield, MI - Click above for high-res gallery

We don't normally have caption contests around here, but when loyal tipster Dominic sent us some photos of this curious sighting, we couldn't resist poking a bit of fun. Not only is it a bit odd to find an Opel Corsa diesel left to rust up on a scissor jack in suburban Detroit, it's even stranger when the car is owned by the manufacturer (check out the license plate).

We'll start you off with a few of our own clumsily concocted attempts at humor, but given Opel's precarious financial position these days, well... we figure there are some zingers just waiting to be written:

GM engineers realized U.S. safety standards could be ignored if they ditched a wheel and got the Corsa classified as a motorcycle... genius.

That's when Opel realized it had misplaced one $3.3 billion wheel.

Although Wagoner had been warned over a three-martini lunch that the wheels had come off Opel, he wasn't prepared for what greeted him out in the biting cold of the parking lot.

Not wanting to be outdone, Chevy engineers are reportedly hard at work on a two-wheel Aveo.

Early Aptera prototypes were designed to be more discreet in traffic, but they came with one significant downfall"

Can't wait for the Saturn version!

Got a better one? Drop us a line in 'Comments.' Oh, and the prize? It's in the mail. Thanks for the shots, Dominic!

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