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Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki Swift X Concept

01/29/2007   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Aftermarket, Japan, Hatchbacks, Suzuki, Misc. Auto Shows

Among the other tunerific surprises that lined the booths of the Nippon Convention Center during the Tokyo Auto Salon, Suzuki displayed their Swift X Sport Concept. Of all the vehicles in Suzuki's lineup, the Swift is the one we'd love to see Stateside post haste, especially benefiting from some of its rally heritage. Although in standard guise, it's little more than a subcompact with all the sporting pretenses that the name implies, this concept brings a little bit of WRC flavor to the party.

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In the Autoblog Garage: 2009 BMW R 1200 GS

02/10/2009   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Garage, BMW, Motorcycles

Click above for a gallery of the 2009 BMW R 1200 GS

The rapidly expanding adventure-touring motorcycle genre is easiest to understand when you equate it to the booming sport-utility segment of the late '90s. However, unlike the majority of SUVs that hit the roads at the end of the last decade, today's adventure bikes actually posses equal parts sport and utility. The Bavarian motorcycle maker kick-started the category with the seminal R 80 G/S in 1980 and today, it dominates the class. In the interim, the GS line has undergone a series of upgrades, switching from airhead to oilhead engines in 1994 and expanding its range of single and twin-cylinder bikes, including the F 650 GS, F 800 GS and the penultimate R 1200 GS Adventure.

The 2009 R 1200 GS is the culmination of BMW's efforts and the genre as a whole. Since its introduction in 2004, the range-topping GS has been updated to include a revised servo-less ABS braking system, a slight bump in power and the addition of Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA). But the revisions don't tell the whole tale. What's it like to live with the GS for a week? Let's find out...

Gallery: In the Autoblog Garage: 2009 BMW R 1200 GS

Photos Copyright (C)2009 Jeremy Korzeniewski / Weblogs, Inc.

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Bloc Rockin' Beater: Twin-turbo Skyline-powered Samara shows off a Lada intercooler

05/27/2009   [Original: CarDomain via Autoblog]
Category: Tuner Tuesdays, Coupes, Sedans/Saloons, Etc., Nissan

Take a close look at the car in these photos. What at first glance appears to be a '70s race car done up for SEMA is actually S. Kartuzoff's Lada Samara Gladkov Edition. The car has been dubbed "Adrenalin," and as the description says, "It is the Russian car!" with motive power coming from a Nissan Skyline engine that has been boosted by a pair of Garrett AR 48 turbos. The before-and-after pics show how much work went into creating this oddly classic and simultaneously modern vehicle.

Most of our crew aren't digging the scissor doors, but the intercooler-as-grille idea, well, that's just inspired. And the twin-turbo powertrain? Boffo. Makes us think of all of those glorious IMSA TU cars from the '70s. Cars like the Alfa GTV, Fiat 124, BMW 2002, Datsun 510, and Mazda RX-2 and -3. Check out the small gallery of pics grabbed from the source below, but we urge you to click through for more images of the incredible and unique build. Hat tip to TheFireball.

Gallery: Custom Lada Samara

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Ford set to target pre-school market with next F-150 variant

06/18/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Spy Photos, Trucks/Pickups, Etc., Toys, Humor

Ford F-150 Power Wheels

How do you build a strong group of loyalists from the next generation of American drivers? You start em' young. Ford has taken that lesson to heart, as we can see in the first batch of images of the company's new entry to the pre-school market, the Power Wheels F-150.

This particular example was caught returning from testing around Ford's base of operations in Dearborn, MI - covered in tiny little bits of camouflage, too. Now, this could very well end up being a collaboration between Power Wheels and Ford. Then again, it could just be some bored engineers that decided to troll the local congregation of spy photographers, who earlier today captured images of the next Focus RS and SVT Mustang.

Whatever it is, it's pretty darn cool. Take a look up top for images of the new Power Wheels F-150.

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe gets Bang & Olufsen Individual edition [w/video]

06/11/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Sedans/Saloons, Sports/GTs, Videos, BMW, Special/Limited Editions, Luxury

BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe Band & Olufsen edition, front three-quarter view.

Not content with a bit part on the options sheet, high-end sound gets a starring role on the BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe Bang & Olufsen Edition. There's no technical difference between the 1,200-watt, 16-speaker High End Surround Sound System in this run of 6 Series Gran Coupes and the $3,700 system you can order as an option on the standard Gran Coupe, but the special edition gets brushed black aluminum finish speaker grilles, a first for the range.

The packages and colors are what set these apart, exteriors available in either Brilliant White Metallic or Dark Graphite II Metallic, interiors possible in either black or Opal White and black. You'll also get upgrades like the Cold Weather, M Sport Edition Packages on the non-M car, the Competition Package and Executive Package on the M, plus piano black wood trim, special floor mats and lots of B&O badging.

This isn't just a special edition, it's a limited edition, with BMW saying only 100 will be produced. Prices start at $116,240 for the 650i B&O Edition and top out at $152,423 for the M6 B&O Edition. There's a press release below with more details, and we've included a video on the stereo itself to help understand why it might deserve a car named after it.

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Seat reveals Leon-based X-Perience soft-roader [w/video]

06/24/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Wagons/Estates, Euro, Videos, Crossovers/CUVs, SEAT

Seat Leon X-Perience

In the market for a Volkswagen Golf but don't actually want a Volkswagen Golf? If you live in North America, your choices are limited to the Golf or, if you've got the scratch, the outgoing Audi A3. But if you live overseas, you can also opt for the Skoda Octavia or Seat Leon, which open up a whole array of possibilities. And this is the latest.

Rather unfortunately called X-Perience, you're looking at a soft-roader based on the Seat Leon ST wagon. Of course, there are some key upgrades to make it a bit more rugged, including all-wheel drive with electronic locking differentials. It also rides over half an inch higher off the ground, and has more lower body cladding including beefier side sills, aluminum under-bumper inserts and more prominent wheel arches packing 17- or 18-inch alloys. The interior remains largely the same, albeit with orange accents and optional leather or Alcantara trim.

Buyers (in markets where Seats are sold) will also be able to choose between a 1.8-liter turbo four with 178 horsepower, a 1.6-liter TDI diesel with 108 hp or a 2.0 TDI with either 148 hp or 181 hp. It's that top model responsible for propelling the soft-roader to 62 mph in 7.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 139 mph. Stop/start engine management help keep fuel consumption and emissions down to a minimum. Scope out the details in the press release under the video below for more details.

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RR of the Day: Rabid Rabbit

11/08/2006   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Economy, Volkswagen, RR of the Day

Do you ever see a vehicle that just strikes you as a fun drive? That's the impression this Rabbit, uploaded by Flickr member unknowndevice, exudes and judging by the minimalist nature of this particular VW, we know that he's having way too much fun up in Varennes, Quebec.

The 2-liter, eight-valve four gets the appropriate mixture of air and fuel through Weber DCOE45 carbs, with internal orchestration provided by a 368-degree cam. Exhaust gases are expelled through a set of Eurosport headers and what we'll assume is a custom exhaust. Handling is upgraded in the same minimalist fashion utilizing the competent combination of Bilstein shocks wrapped in Neuspeed race springs. OMP sway bars and Neuspeed strut tower braces stiffen up the chassis fore and aft.

On the inside, Mr. Device and his brave co-driver are held in place by a set of OMP seats, with four point harnesses. From what we can gather from the interior photos, the Rabbit has been stripped of all unnecessary fabric, from the carpeting to the headliner. One addition that we found to be particularly intriguing is the roof-mounted tach that has to make keeping an eye on revs a bit of a chore.

Regardless, this rigid Rabbit is bound to be a backroad ballerina. Enjoy it Mr. Device and give us some more details in 'comments' if you would.

All this week we'll feature unrelated rides that catch our eye, but we're returning with a theme next week and that theme is "Best Autocross Car". If you've got a hot AutoXer, join the Autoblog Flickr Pool and submit your ride for consideration. More detailed instructions can be found after the jump.

How to submit to RR of the Day:

Create a Flickr account if you don't already have one. Search for and join the group called 'Autoblog RR of the Day'. Upload up to three photos of your ride to your own account at a size no larger than 450 pixels wide if possible and include as much information about it and yourself as possible. Even if your ride is sweet, it will not be chosen if there's not a lot of info accompanying it. Click on each photo and just above the picture it will say "Send to group". Click that and select the Autoblog group. You're done, that's it!

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RR of the Day: Mazda Protege5

11/17/2006   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Wagons/Estates, Mazda, RR of the Day

Although Flickr member clauretano didn't provide us any information on what's going on with his Mazda Protege5, we couldn't help ourselves and decided that it was worth of our final autocross RR of the Day.

We don't know the year. We don't know the mods. But after digging through his photostream for more information, we were able to get an underhood shot, posted after the jump, and a few tidbits of useful information. Specifically, we know that his engine's breathing duties have been eased with the use of a cold air intake, headers and probably a cat-back exhaust. Because of a new set of cams, an underdrive pulley, a tuned ECU and what he's describes simply as "etc.," he's been upgraded to the Street Modified class. On the exterior, clauretano has upgraded the rims to what look like 18-inchers, added a carbon fiber hood with an air outlet and has dropped the vehicle at least an inch or two.

We want to know more clauretano, so give up the goods in 'comments.'

NEXT WEEK'S THEME: Cars of the '80s!

Break out the leg warmers and your old Atari 2600, because we're going back to the '80s for our next RR of the Day theme. All next week we want to feature glorious cars from the decade that brought us the rise of Kevin Bacon as an actor and synthesized music as an art form. If you have a vehicle that originates from the 1980s, submit it to our Autoblog Flickr Pool to be considered for a RR of the Day feature. Man, it's gonna be a rad week.

How to submit to RR of the Day:

Create a Flickr account if you don't already have one. Search for and join the group called 'Autoblog RR of the Day'. Upload up to three photos of your ride to your own account at a size no larger than 450 pixels wide if possible and include as much information about it and yourself as possible. Even if your ride is sweet, it will not be chosen if there's not a lot of info accompanying it. Click on each photo and just above the picture it will say "Send to group". Click that and select the Autoblog group. You're done, that's it!

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Chery/Quantum team could bring "high-end" autos to U.S.

06/06/2007   [Original: China Car Times, The Wall Street Journal, InTech and Inside Line via Autoblog]
Category: China, Chery

Chery cars are coming to the U.S. one way or the other, and the first ones might not carry a Chrysler nameplate.

Quantum, an American branch of Israel, Corp., is teaming up with China's much-publicized Chery in a $743 million venture to produce a line of cars for sale in China, as well as internationally. Quantum is investing $225 million to take a 43% share.

The Wall Street Journal reported back in May that the company planned four new models including sedans and an SUV. That report said Chery hoped to produce 150,000 cars a year, including the company's first "high-end" sedan. Inside Line says the cars will be exported to the U.S., with production beginning in 2009. China Car Times learned that unlike the deal with Chrysler, the deal with Quantum allows Chery to brand the cars as their own.

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Autoblog Podcast #74

08/16/2007   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Gadgets, Podcasts, Euro, I.C.E., Marketing/Advertising, Buick, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen

We've managed to get some sense of a normal schedule back for the podcasts, and here's number 74. Within, we discuss Ford Sync's newly announced price tag, whether it's worth it and what type of "Easter egg" features may be lurking. In other news, JD Power recently announced that Buick had tied Lexus for the top spot in the 2007 dependability ratings. It looks like a 3 year old Buick is a better investment than ever - also filling out the top 5 were Cadillac and Mercury.

Setting aside our pride over the domestic US manufacturers seeing actual results, we turn our attention to a beleaguered Brit - Jaguar. The XF was snagged without camo, and the rear view the shots afforded was encouraging, and answered some questions. It also raised a few more, and our most nagging question is what's underneath. Moving on, and staying foreign, we touch on VW's tasteful product placement in the Bourne Ultimatum, and the rumors surrounding a Toyota/Fuji lash-up for a revival of an AE-86 style car. Coming home again, if in brand alone, we wrap up with the Chevy Aveo 5 and its extra-full plate of hideous. The 'cast will only take up 40 minutes of your time, so come back next week for seconds!

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