Think a free Jeep would be sweet? Lick it!

09/19/2007   [Original: Chrysler via Autoblog]
Category: SUVs, Contests, Jeep

You've heard of death by chocolate, but on Oct. 18, Chrysler will attempt Jeep by chocolate. The company is covering seven Jeeps in chocolate and the first two of seven contestants to lick ther vehicles clean will advance to the next level, searching for the keys to a 2008 Jeep Liberty in another Jeep filled with candy.

The sugary stunt, called "Sweetest Day the Jeep Way," is in conjunction with Sweetest Day, a holiday invented 85 years ago by Cleveland candy makers.

If you think you have what it would take to lick six other chocolate-chomping contestants, go to Chrysler's Sweetest Day Web site, fill out the form and write a 250-word essay on why you should be picked to lick. Hopefuls also must be residents Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania or West Virginia and at least 18 years old.

For more information, the full press release is after the jump.

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