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Koenigsegg planning $650k entry-level supercar?

04/25/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Sports/GTs, Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Agera

"Entry level" is a relative term. For Nissan, for example, that means a $12k Versa. For Mercedes, it means the $30,000 CLA. For Porsche, the $50k Boxster. In Ferrari terms, that translates to the $200k California. But what does it mean for Koenigsegg, a company that makes supercars that sell for upwards of $1 million?

According to Australian car site Motoring.com.au, which spoke to Christian von Koenigsegg at the New York Auto Show last week, the exotic automaker is planning a new "entry level" model (there's that term again) to sell for around $600-700k (in US dollars). That would make it about half the price of the Agera ($1.3 million) and significantly less than the Agera S ($1.5M) Agera R ($1.6M) or the bonkers, sold-out Agera One:1 ($2.85M) with its perfect power-to-weight ratio and one megawatt of power on tap. That would also place it in a mostly vacant price bracket, bridging the gap between a $350-400k Ferrari F12 or Lamborghini Aventador and the million-dollar hypercars with which Christian and company currently compete. It could, however, find itself competing directly with the P15 supercar being developed by McLaren.

Just how the baby Ksegg would emerge remains a big question mark. We'd expect it to follow a similar formula to the Agera (and the CC line before it) with a V8 with some manner of forced induction mounted amidships in a two-seat, possibly lift-topped chassis. Don't go expecting a thousand horsepower or 3D-printed titanium parts, though, as the Swedish company will need to create some space between the new model and the Agera line if it's going to sell one alongside the other.

When reached for comment, Koenigsegg spokesperson Josephine Winger Lang said only, "We have nothing planned more than the Agera model year 2015," which really raises more questions than it answers. For one, that would mean that either she, her boss or the Australian publication citing her boss misspoke, to put it charitably. For another, we don't quite believe that any company could have "nothing planned" for its future beyond the next model year. But it also makes us wonder what improvements Koenigsegg might be preparing to roll out for the Agera. Lang refused to elaborate, but we suppose we'll find out sooner or later.

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Christian von Koenigsegg puts finishing touches on first One:1

04/04/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Coupes, Sports/GTs, Geneva Motor Show, Videos, Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Agera One:1

The Koenigsegg Agera One:1 has opportunity to become the new king of the supercar world. Its twin-turbocharged, 5.0-liter V8 has been tuned up to 1,341 horsepower (1,360 PS) thanks in part to its proprietary, 3D-printed variable geometry turbos. Plus, with power equal to one megawatt, the company claims it has created the world's first megacar.

Even into prototype form, the One:1 shows what is possible when modern technology is taken to its limits. The test car weighs around 2,998 pounds (1,360 kilograms), and Koenigsegg thinks it can shed a further 66 lbs for the production versions. However, the megacars are going to be quite rare. The company is building just six of them, and all of them are already spoken for.

In this video, Christian von Koenigsegg goes into the details of his latest creation. He shows off all of the car's little secrets from its sophisticated suspension to many of the tactics it uses to shed weight. Scroll down to get a tour of the One:1 from the man who knows it best.

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Koenigsegg returning to North America with flagship Manhattan store

03/16/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Car Buying, Coupes, Sports/GTs, Luxury, MISC, Koenigsegg

A Koenigsegg Agera R at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, front three-quarter view

No more having to work through brokers or call your people in Europe when you want to trade up to this year's Koenigsegg, now that the Swedish supercar syndicate has appointed New York's Manhattan Motorcars to be its first US dealer. Putting high priority on the company it keeps, this will put the Agera R in a Gotham classroom alongside pupils from Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. All the better for it to get called on when it raises its hand for potential buyers.

Those buyers will need to get it out of the city, though, if they really want to use it. The twin-turbocharged, 5.0-liter V8 behind the Agera's cockpit is good for 960 horsepower on regular gas, or 1,140 when primed with E85. And we don't expect that those one-piece carbon fiber wheels will enjoy Manhattan's mean streets, even with the swanky Öhlins Racing Triplex suspension.

This is your cue to head down for a test drive with your trade-in and a Vuitton bag filled with roughly $1.5 million. Or you can take your time and start with the press release on the appointment below.

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Geneva: Koenigsegg Agera One:1 is a super-duper-car

03/04/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Coupes, Sports/GTs, Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg One:1

What's in a name? For Koenigsegg's latest creation, something totally awesome, that's what. The "One:1" designation refers to a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio - one horsepower per kilogram. And the magic number? One-thousand, three-hundred and forty-one. Hold on to your butts, indeed.

That insane power number comes courtesy of a twin-turbocharged, 5.0-liter V8 that, in addition to the 1,341 hp, puts out an equally pavement-warping 1,011 pound-feet of torque. Koenigsegg hasn't released a 0-60 time, but we imagine it's something like six milliseconds, and we're told the car can theoretically top out at near 273 miles per hour. You know, no big deal.

The One:1 can pull around 2Gs of cornering force on road-legal tires, and with active aero bits like a rear wing and independent, left and right front flaps, Koenigsegg says 1,345 pounds of downforce are available at 160 mph, to keep everything copacetic. Insanely copacetic, of course.

Want one? Too bad. Koenigsegg only plans to build six examples of the Agera One:1, and all of them have been spoken for. Oh well. Have a look at this insane car in the gallery above, live from Geneva.

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Official: Koenigsegg Agera One:1 is here, all 1,360 hp and 273 mph of it

03/01/2014   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Coupes, Sports/GTs, Geneva Motor Show, Special/Limited Editions, Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Agera One:1

Koenigsegg is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, and for the occasion, the Swedish specialists are taking the hypercar to the next level with its new Agera One:1 at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. In fact, it claims that, because it is the first production car with a one megawatt of power (1,341 horsepower), and a power-to-weight ratio of one-to-one (kilogram to horsepower), it goes beyond super or hyper and is actually the "world's first megacar."

Koenigsegg Agera One:1 rearThis road-bound rocketship is powered by twin-turbocharged, 5.0-liter V8 with the previously mentioned 1,341 hp and 1,011 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and electronically-controled differential makes sure all that grunt gets to the wheels. It is equipped with seemingly science-fiction features like variable geometry turbos in custom, 3D-printed housings and a 3D-printed titanium exhaust. While Koenigsegg claims top speed was not a factor when creating the One:1, it says that it has a simulated top speed of around 440 kilometers per hour (273 miles per hour), which would make it the world's fastest production vehicle. However, the One:1 can never hold the Guinness world record for top speed because only six will be built, all of which it says are already spoken for.

Instead of speed, Koenigsegg says that the One:1 is meant to be a "track focused car." The Swedes claim 2 Gs of cornering capability on road-legal tires, thanks to up to 1,345 pounds of downforce at 160 mph from an active rear wing and independent, active left and right front flaps. In addition to those aids, the ride height, dampers and spring rates all adjust with the car's speed. The chassis can predict the road ahead using GPS, and drivers can even study telemetry later with a 3G connection sending the car's data to an iPhone app.

The One:1 seems to be the next automotive quantum leap on par with the Bugatti Veyron. However, no one outside of Koenigsegg has actually driven it yet. It will be very interesting to see if real life stands up to what the megacar claims on paper. Scroll down to read the press release about the brand's spectacular 20th birthday present, and make sure to check out the high-res gallery, which includes a full spec sheet and great detail on the One:1's aerodynamics package.

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Video: When a Bugatti Veyron drag races against a Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra, we all win

06/04/2013   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Motorsports, Coupes, Sports/GTs, Videos, Bugatti, Special/Limited Editions, Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra races Bugatti Veyron

Want to watch two of the fastest production automobiles in the world line up on an open runway to race? Want to see it happen a whole bunch of times?

We thought so. Featuring the well-known Bugatti Veyron in one lane and the less-well-known but just as impressive Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra - which is powered by the same 1,040-horsepower twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 engine as other Agera S models, but with some extra lightweight bits along with lots and lots of gold - in the other, you can rest assured that the video down below is full of carbon fiber, booming exhaust notes, turbo whine and asinine acceleration. And, though we won't spoil the results, we think it may be full of surprising victories for those who don't keep tabs on such important figures as power-to-weight ratios and the like...

Now for the disclaimers. Are both drivers aware of how to extract maximum performance from their machines? Are they both in perfect states of tune? Would the result be different from a standing start? Was the fact that the video was shot at Koenigsegg's home track a display of favoritism? Was there a full moon the night before? We have no idea. That said, watching well over 2,000 horsepower line up for a race is nearly always worth watching. So, without further ado, we present the video below.

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Geneva: Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra is a carbon fiber and gold leaf party

03/05/2013   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Coupes, Sports/GTs, Geneva Motor Show, Euro, Luxury, Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra

Koenigsegg took to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to celebrate a milestone in the company's history. The Swedish supercar manufacturer has officially built 100 units over the past ten years, and to mark the occasion, designers whipped up the Agera S Hundra. Swedish for - you guessed it - one hundred, the Hundra heralds the arrival of the latest flavor of Agera. While the standard Agera S features a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 engine good for 1,040 horsepower, carbon fiber wheels that tip the scales at around 14.5 pounds and a total dry weight of 2,821 pounds thanks to a full carbon fiber body, the Hundra offers up a few additional tricks.

A one-off creation, the commemorative edition delivers hand-laid 24-karat gold leaf along the exposed gel-coated carbon body. Various other bits of the hypercar get the precious metal treatment as well, including the exhaust, rear deck struts and even the coil springs themselves. How much is all this insanity worth? A cool $1.6 million. Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can surely put your tail in an Agera S. Check out the full press release below.

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Video: Take a look inside Koenigsegg's headquarters and peek at its future tech

02/26/2013   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Sports/GTs, Euro, Tech, Videos, Koenigsegg

The YouTube series Drive has been doing weekly videos on Koenigsegg, and in this latest they get into the Free Valve technology being developed by Swedish company Cargine AB and Koenigsegg. Free Valve uses a small, individual pneumatic actuator to open each valves and either air pressure or springs to close them. The setup omits the need for camshafts and the related paraphernalia, as well as increasing the programmability, precision and efficiency of valve operation. Engines using the Free Valve system can also be smaller and lighter.

It has been tested for the last two years on a Saab 9-5 wagon that's done 60,000 kilometers so far. Koenigsegg says that compared to a traditional four-cylinder engine, horsepower and torque using Free Valve go up by 30 percent each, while fuel consumption drops by 30 percent and emissions drop by 50 percent.

It won't be ready for mass production for a while yet, and even then it will probably start at the top of the automotive food chain. Nevertheless, it points to a potential new future for the internal combustion engine. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Report: One-off Koenigsegg Agera R BLT seized by Chinese customs

10/16/2012   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Coupes, Sports/GTs, China, Government/Legal, Koenigsegg

About a month ago, we brought you news of a monstrously powerful one-off from Koenigsegg called the Agera R BLT. At the time we reported that the car was being built for a Chinese man of some great wealth and that the $2 million price tag represented the floor for a custom job like this.

Now it seems there's been a bit of a development.

It seems that the Agera R BLT never quite made it to its intended customer, having been waylaid just recently by Chinese government authorities. Customs officials took hold of the exotic, claiming that the owner was attempting to smuggle the car into the country as a way of avoiding paying import tax on the thing.

Now, no one likes to pay taxes, but we're almost inclined to agree with the owner on this one. The source at CarNewsChina.com indicates that the pre-tax cost of the Koenigsegg would amount to the equivalent of $2.35 million - meanwhile other sources in the Chinese media report that the tax-included price of the car is more like 30 million yuan, or $4.7 million. No word yet on what the fine for this level of tax evasion will be.

The Agera bust is just one highlight of a much larger anti-smuggling campaign going down in China right now. Here's hoping that the heat dies down a bit, restitution is made, and that car and billionaire are blissfully united (we're suckers for a happy ending).

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Video: Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 claims new braking record

01/06/2012   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Videos, Porsche, Koenigsegg

The Koenigsegg Agera is one stupendously quick supercar. It can travel from a dead stop to 186 miles per hour and back down to zero in a scant 21.19 seconds. That's not even enough time to sit through a car insurance commercial.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 isn't quite as quick, but it can boast some serious performance chops all its own. The race-ready 911 can hit 62 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds, and a trip to 120 miles per hour takes only 11.5 seconds.

But while the GT3 RS 4.0 can't quite keep up with the Agera once the rubber starts rolling, this athletic Porsche can stop a bit more quickly. The GT3 RS 4.0 has reportedly beaten the Agera's braking record of 186 mph to zero in 6.66 seconds, and we have the video that proves it. Hit the jump to watch the speedometer plunge from 186 mph to zero in only 6.5 seconds.

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