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VIDEO: If Mad Max had been scored by Lemmy

01/17/2009   [Original: YouTube via Autoblog]
Category: Etc., Videos, Celebrities, Overheard in AIM

Mad Max - Ace of Spades

My IM dinged with the following message: "Why did nobody think of this before? And if they had, how come I didn't see it until just now? " Those questions come from our buddy, Davey G. Johnson, erstwhile Jalop, extreme Jim Rockford aficionado, and all-around finder of things awesome, like the YouTube link that followed seconds later. It's now embedded above, because some things are meant to be consumed by the masses. A Mad Max clip show set to Motörhead's "Ace of Spades"? Yeah, that qualifies. Strap yourselves in for 2 minutes and 50 seconds of appropriately-scored vehicular mayhem. Consider this your Saturday morning wake-up call. Go grab a coffee and we'll see you back here at 9, when the day's normal posting schedule begins. We've also got plenty of coverage in store from our team camped at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction. Should be fun. See you again in a few.

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Overheard in AIM: Neff brings the perspective

04/13/2008   [Original: Autoblog]
Category: Etc., Overheard in AIM

Nunez's ride this week...

We Autobloggers chat on AIM all the time. Imagine a text-only version of the podcast, only 100 times more scatterbrained (who knew this was even possible?), and you'll get the general idea . So anyway, here's an exchange between The Neff and myself from earlier this afternoon, in which he hits me with a solid uppercut using his Brass Knuckles of Perspective. I think they may have bits of dead Alero cast into them.

Neff: Chris Grant from Joystiq got Sony to send us a review copy of GT5 Prologue

Neff: Arriving Tuesday

Nunez: You are such a d**k

Neff: Okay Mr. RS4


Neff: At least the car in your driveway right now is real

Nunez: I want to drive a PRETEND RS4, too!

Let the online play begin. What Neff doesn't tell you is that he -- at this very moment -- is writing up something that makes the (undeniably, ridiculously badass) RS4 press car parked out in my driveway seem like a Kia Optima. But you'll have to wait until Monday to read about that. Oh, and as it happens, I can't drive a pretend RS4 in GT5 Prologue when it arrives this week, anyway. I'll have to make do with the real thing.

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